What is a VPN?

VPN stands for a virtual private network, the main goal of which is keeping your data safe online and protect it from hackers and identity thieves. In addition to privacy protection, VPN provides unlimited access to websites and services blocked due to some restrictions.

VPN Encryption

When you’re visiting any website without a VPN, your IP address and other data are sent to the server of the website requesting to access it, and the server transmits the website data back to your device (a PC, tablet, TV, smartphone) providing content you suppose to see there.
Turning a VPN on, its server becomes a mediator, creating an encrypted tunnel for your data to let it travel safely and anonymously without the threat of being revealed or caught by cybercriminals.

Why use a VPN?

Protect your devices

Equip your devices with military-grade security and advanced AES-256 encryption used by VPN Private to ensure your data protection, even while using unsecured public Wi-Fi.

Stream without limits

Enjoy all your favorite content by accessing online gaming, video and music streaming sites from any device and any place in the world with the fastest and most secure VPN Private.

Browse anonymously

VPN Private keeps no logs and provides access to hundreds of servers in more than 20 countries to let you hide your identity by masking your IP address and geolocation.

Unblock websites

Just one click and you get access to any website, social media, app, game, or streaming service blocked due to government censorship or geo-restrictions, no matter what your current location is.

Avoid throttling

With VPN Private connected, your ISP is unable to track your online activity, see what sites you visit, which means services like streaming websites won’t be throttled.

Save your money

Avoid location-based price hikes by using VPN. Just change your current location and enjoy cheaper goods, flights, vacation packages, and other services from the countries they are provided.

How does a VPN work?

Without VPN encryption, your web traffic is unprotected. This way, your ISP can track your online activity, and cybercriminals can easily steal your personal information.
When you connect to VPN Private, your web traffic is transmitted through our secure VPN servers where it is encrypted. This way, your sensitive data stays safe and anonymous, as it travels through a secure 'tunnel,' your IP is hidden, your location is changed, and you are free to enjoy your favorite content from any site no matter where you are.