Cyber Threats

Protect Yourself from Cyber Threats

In the digital age, we are lucky to have a vast number of opportunities online that make our lives easier. However, we must always remember about cyber threats that are also here and are constantly evolving. Use VPN Private to protect your online identity and browse safely.

What Is Online Identity?

Your online identity is shaped with the following elements:

Your Internet Details

your IP address, Internet service provider (ISP), location

Your User Profiles

your public and personal data in social networks and online services

Your Online Activity

what you are searching and what sites you are visiting

How One Can Steal Your Identity?

Nowadays, every two seconds, someone’s identity is stolen. Cybercriminals keep their eyes open and are always ready to apply their fraudulent tricks to capture your personal data, including:

Tracking Your Online Activity

Cybercriminals monitor your online browsing activities to get the data they need, try to figure out your passwords, or even pretend to be you.

Starting a Wi-Fi Attack

If you’re using public Wi-Fi or your home Wi-Fi isn’t protected, cybercriminals can easily break into your communications, steal your account credentials, or even take control over devices.

Online Shopping Intercepts

If you buy something online using public Wi-Fi or make transactions through vulnerable websites, cybercriminals can steal your credit card details and other financial data in no time.

What If Your Identity Is Stolen?

Your life may be severely affected by identity theft. Here are the most common cyber threats users who don’t protect their Internet connection may face:

Account Login Fraud

Accessing user accounts with stolen credentials through human-initiated or automated bot attacks

New Account Creation Fraud

Creating new accounts to access online services with previously stolen or synthetic identities.

Payments Fraud

Transferring money illegally or making online payments with stolen payment credentials.

With the stolen information identity thieves can do a lot of harmful things in your name:

Today, such an easy-to-use solution as VPN is a must-have while shopping online, transferring money, booking airline tickets, as well as using social networks, dating sites, content streaming sites, and simply searching for something online. Just one click, and your Internet connection is encrypted, and you can continue whatever you’re doing online without worries.

Protect Your Identity Online

VPN Private encrypts your data and secures your identity without affecting Internet speed. We protect your privacy, device, and sensitive data from most cyber threats causing data breaches, both from automated bot attacks and human-initiated ones.

  • Secure Your Identity
  • Protect Your Devices
  • Avoid Tracking
  • Browse Anonymously

Secure Your Identity

At VPN Private, we use industry-leading strongest encryption to help our users stay safe online and eliminate data breaches. Encrypting your Internet connection, you protect your passwords, credit card details, account credentials, and other sensitive data from being stolen. Moreover, with our VPN on, you always stay incognito online and have access to any website no matter what your current location is.