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What Is Viber?

Viber is a free-to-download calling and messaging app available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be used to connect with people around the world by sending end-to-end encrypted texts, audio messages, making high-quality voice/video calls, sharing files, and more. More than 1 billion registered users use Viber in nearly 200 countries worldwide, making it one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world.

The main features of Viber are:

• Free voice and video calls to Viber users
• Free text, voice, and video messaging
• File sharing and stickers
• Group chats and Communities
• Chat extensions
• External calls

Let’s take a look at some of Viber’s most impressive features in detail below.

• Group Chats

Whether you want to discuss holiday plans with your friends, plan out a team meeting, or keep in touch with all your family members, Viber can help you do that by letting you add up to 250 participants in a single group. Groups are usually perfect for private connections, and you can either invite members to join, or they can join via a direct link.

• Communities

Communities, on the other hand, are larger, public-facing groups that usually consist of people who don’t know each other. With Viber, you can build virtual communities with people who share the same interests or passions as you. They allow you to communicate with an unlimited number of people at the same time on topics ranging from video games, memes, and food to the world of cryptocurrency, stock market online trading, NFTs, and more.

• Chat Extensions

Viber allows you to integrate a wide range of chat extensions that let you do more without leaving the chat window. There are extensions for sharing music and videos, sending GIFs, finding restaurants, and even booking hotels for your next vacation via services like Booking. With Viber’s handy chat extensions, you’ll surely get the best accommodation for your trip.

• External Calls

Viber Out allows you to stay connected with people who are not on Viber or do not have an Internet connection. You can reach a landline at low rates, which can come in handy when you want to let your loved ones know how your trip is going or just keep in touch with new friends you met abroad when traveling.